About us

dr. kleēin

Dr. Kleēin is an Italian company founded in 2009 with a passion for aesthetics and scientific research. Under the leadership of Dr. Dov Klein, Israeli surgeon and researcher, a complete line of products was created with the aim of restoring the vital function of tissues and regaining the appearance of healthy, young skin at any age. Our treatment strategy is based on the observation of the causes that contribute to skin aging, which is why every treatment in the Dr. Kleēin Line is designed to guarantee an effective and long-lasting response.

“Le rughe vanno trattate come fossero delle ferite che non sono causate da traumi esterni ma dal passare del tempo. Il Water Genesi® ottimizza il metabolismo cellulare e rigenera giorno dopo giorno i tessuti”.
Dr. Dov Klein

water genesi®

In 1999, an Israeli biologist analysing the marine sediment found 238 bioelements that are responsible for cell nutrition and growth. Dr. Dov Klein started to use this compound on dermal lesions and later on to treat skin aging damage. Water Genesi® was thus created. This patent prevents the oxidative effect of free radicals, nourishes the cell and improves the natural renewal process. Water Genesi® always combines ingredients of natural origin with powerful hi-tech active ingredients to produce innovative products that activate an extraordinary cell therapy.

Ricerca e sviluppo

All Dr. Kleēin products are created according to careful research criteria. This activity is carried out both in Israel, within the prestigious Weizmann Institute in Tel Aviv, and in Italy, where the products are modulated according to the attentive and demanding requirements of the Italian market. This collaboration between the two countries makes it possible to produce unique treatments with careful attention to the person and their different needs. From the production to the manufacture of our products, Dr. Kleēin Laboratories follow a strict protocol that includes the use of the latest generation of machinery, a careful selection of raw materials, technologically advanced ingredients and certified natural plant extracts.